About Us

CommuniTechz is a worker owned cooperative IT business. We’re not a faceless corporation–we’re your neighbors. We’re based in Pittsfield, but we cover all of Berkshire County.

In all of our different services, from virus removal to hardware upgrades, each employee of CommuniTechz is fully invested in making sure the customer understands what is happening to their vital machines.

Computer trouble, phone trouble, device trouble... it’s all very... troubling. Let us put you at ease!


We are offering our services, advice, and information at the Ralph J. Froio Senior Center on an upcoming Thursday afternoon both to members of the senior center and to the community at large. These services will be totally free of charge!

To keep the event open and accessible to all, there will be no money handled on site and there will be no bills sent out for services. Instead, we are asking members of the community to support this effort by making donations.

All money raised this way will be used to pay our startup costs. Check back for details as they become available.


iIf you have an electronic device that is supposed to connect to the internet or another electronic device, you have a device we can work on!

We offer hardware and software installation repair or replacement and we also offer consultation and customization.

You might be very surprised to learn some of the ways we have to make your computer faster or easier to use!